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Limudei Kodesh


Torah Shebichtav

Credit 1

Description: This course covers the Biblical period of the formation of the Jewish Nation. This course focuses on content, analytical skills and essential Biblical Hebrew terminology. Students are introduced to classic commentaries and compare and contrast differing approaches to understanding the texts. Each unit is analyzed both in terms of its own contemporary lessons as well as its greater impact in the big picture of Hashem's purpose and meaning for humanity.


Credit 1

Description: Covers practical Jewish law in our lives. Including: Daily activity, Tefilla Shabbat and Chagim. Students explore the system of how Judaism derives legal practices from the Torah and the specific sources and rationale for Jewish legal practices. This course also offers an experiential component to help integrate these practices in our lives and display the relevancy of these laws in modern times.

Torah Shebe’al Peh

Credit 1

Description: This course introduces students to Torah Shebe’al Peh, an oral tradition complementing the Chumash that has been passed down from teacher to student since receiving the Torah at Mt. Sinai. Students are introduced to the relationship between the written and oral Torah through Rabbinic logic, Rabbinic interpretation of the Torah as well as debate and argumentation. These features are taught through the prism of relevant legal topics. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of the Mishnah via experiential applications and projects. The 9th Grade will study Masechet Rosh Hashanah, focusing on the Jewish New Year and the process of the Sanhedrin’s (Religious Supreme Court) role in establishing and maintaining a Jewish calendar.

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