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The Entrepreneurship Program is built on a model of learn-by-doing, the most powerful approach we’ve found for preparing students to plan, launch, and scale successful ventures. Student entrepreneurship focuses on exposing students to the entrepreneurship skills, tools, and mental frameworks required both to adapt and thrive in a fast-changing global landscape while also empowering student to solve the world’s most complex and pressing challenges.

The Entrepreneurship Program includes:

Business Classes

Provides students hands-on experience of what is involved in developing their own business, product or service. Student learn about product development, financial modeling, marketing accounting, human resources, as well as the legal aspects of running a business.

Mentor/Apprentice Program

Each year, JBA Students will be paired with a community mentor in the field of their choosing. Students will have apprenticeship hour requirements and assignments on their field work.

Annual Start Up Nation Competition

Students work in teams to compete for real funding for a student created business. Entrepreneurs and business experts from the community serve as coaches and mentors guiding student teams through the process of ideation, market research, and business plan development. During "Pitch Week" student teams will present in front of actual investors to pitch their innovative idea and possibly win funding to turn their business plans into reality during the summer and following school year.

Entrepreneurship Workshop Series

Building a company is complex, so students will attend a series of workshops to tackle many of the individual challenges they might face in starting their own company.

Entrepreneurship Field Trips

Planned trips include visiting the University of Miami Launch Pad, Start Up FIU, and the Idea Center at Miami Dade College.

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